Pick-Ups and Pop-Ups

Hey, Locals!

Here is where you will find the schedule for pick-up dates and pop-up events!

For local pick-ups, enter coupon code "HEYIMLOCAL" at checkout to remove shipping charges, then email hello@familiarfolk.com with your order number and pickup preference. You are welcome to pick up at a pop-up event as well! Please note that the only available pick up dates will be listed below, and will be updated as time passes.

Please schedule pick-ups at least 24 hours in advance, within 1 hour of placing your order, so I can have your order ready. I will text (or email if no phone # is provided) you to confirm your pickup date within the 24 hours prior to your pick-up time.

If you are unable to meet up at any of the below dates at the time of your order, please select a shipping option instead. Thanks!! :) 

You can also check out my booth at The Little Light Collective!

(It may take a second for the list to load)