Handwoven Mexican Thunderbird Falsa Blanket in Alpine Forest Green

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[ description ]

handwoven mexican thunderbird falsa blanket in alpine green with multicolor thunderbird pattern. this blanket is huge! very versatile for year-round use: trips to the beach to football and soccer to trips to the part to snuggling up by the campfire. would be a fun touch for a guest room also!

[ details ]

= measurements =
overall, 76.50" in length (add 3"+ to each end with fringe), by 53.00" in width

= condition =
brand new condition

*special notes: tag states it is made of 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, 10% cotton. can be machine washed. found a couple of little, tiny sequins woven into some of the blankets that are barely noticeable, but thought should be noted. some blankets also had some thread color variation as well as some tiny, gold or silver tinsel-y bits woven in here and there. each blanket is unique and all are hand made in mexico! colors may vary from photos (notice the birds in the first and second photos are different - these are handmade!) depending on current stock. please feel free to contact me about current stock if you would like to check the colors & i would be happy to provide additional photos.